Closing in 4 days
Lonnie Holley: What Have They Done with America?, Three Landscapes: JB Blunk, Anna and Lawrence Halprin, and Dave Muller: Sunset, Sunrise (repeat) b/w The Record Pavilion at Blum & Poe from Sat, Jul 9 to Sat, Aug 13 ( Exhibition )

Atlanta-based artist Lonnie Holley is a key figure within the Afro-Atlantic artistic movement, and uses discarded objects such as wire, electric cables, beads, denim, holiday decorations, and an American flag in his sculptures.

Three Landscapes is the first in a series of exhibitions sharing the history and impact of the Marin County creative community from the 1950s to today curated by Ruthanna Hopper and Mariah Nielson.

Los Angeles artist Dave Muller's tribute to the act of touching, browsing, and looking at records at a record store includes hand-painted wall murals, new paintings of records and record store paraphernalia, and a pavilion for rehousing records.

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