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Luciana Lamothe: I’m Burning Here, Gabrielle D’Angelo: Off Balance, and Eugenia Mendoza: Criollo Fittings at Steve Turner from Sat, Nov 23, 2019 to Sat, Dec 21, 2019 ( Exhibition )

Buenos Aires-based Luciana Lamothe presents seven steel sculptures, four of which are site-specific, positioned between the floor and the supporting beams along the ceiling, while three smaller, parallel works rise up from the floor.

Gabrielle D’Angelo shows four wall works and one floor work made from fabric and wood that the artist subjected to numerous operations: dyeing, cutting, drilling, sewing, cinching, tearing, tying, knotting, draping, pleating, stuffing, pouring, painting, staining, folding, wrapping, mixing, soaking, bleaching, resisting, attaching, breaking, ruching, drawstring-ing, embroidering, clamping, carving, sanding, jointing, joining, grooving, nailing, reflecting, applying, expanding, compressing, pulling, breaking, wedging, balancing, weighing, deconstructing, collecting, giving in, taking in, overdoing, leaving, letting go, copying and overstepping.

Buenos Aires-based Eugenia Mendoza presents woven wicker sculptures of mass-produced pipe fittings and other elements from building construction.

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